The Desires Within Available for Preorder

The Desires Within (Ariel's Pride Book 1)Available for Preorder

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Bold Ariel Pathtreader had to live up to her name and stop a war between gods. If she failed, the cost would be borne by everyone who touched her life. There was Princess Aubrielle, who found the courage to renew the nobility's commitment to the land at Beltane. There were Emmy and Reshah, the human and gnoll who defied both their peoples customs to find love together. And most of all, there was Ariel's Pride, her own party.

People out there in the real world might not understand why success mattered so much. After all, Ariel was a character in the world's leading virtual reality game. But Ariel knew that the the lives and feelings of her friends in this world were as real to them as her player's life out there. She would not let her friends down.

Chandra Lansing understood what it was like to be in Ariel's world. As one of the most active fans in Ariel's community, she also saw how Ariel's choice to live her life on camera in front of everyone brought ripples of her world out of the game. In Ariel's world, shame was almost unheard of, while love and intimacy were rewarded. If the real world had more of that acceptance, Chandra might not be alone, afraid to even fully admit her desires to herself. As the newest marketing intern working on Ariel's team out in the real world, she might just have an opportunity to help create a space where that was possible.

Out in the real world, it would be inappropriate for Chandra to share her true feelings with Ariel, or her player, David. But when she's given an opportunity to join the game as Jackal, the only thing stopping her from joining Ariel's world and letting Ariel know just how much she means is her own fear and doubt.